Terms & Conditions/Policy and Procedures/Membership Agreement



Club Terms:

Braveheart Martial Arts (hereafter BMA) has developed a membership scheme along with Policies and Procedures to protect the interests of its members, coaches, staff and the standards of the club.


All students/members and/or parents & guardians of students/members must read and agree to BMA’s terms and conditions before activating a membership with the club.


Club Code of Conduct (Students):

Students should be entitled to the following…

• Be safe and feel safe whilst participating at the club, events or competitions.

• Have fun and experience a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment.

• Be treated with respect, dignity and sensitivity.

• Comment and make suggestions in a constructive manner.

• Be afforded appropriate confidentiality.

• Participate in matches and competitions where they feel comfortable.

• Make their concerns known and have them dealt with in an appropriate manner.

• Be protected from abuse.Be listened to.


Students should always...

• Play and train fairly, do their best and enjoy themselves.

• Respect fellow team members regardless of ability, cultural or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

• Support fellow team members regardless of whether they do well or not.

• Represent their team, their club, their family and their friends with pride and dignity.

• Respect all other coaches, staff, officials and opponents.

• Be gracious in defeat and modest in victory.

• Shake hands before and after matches – we operate a give respect to get respect philosophy - irrespective of the result.

• Inform their coach/staff members in advance if they are unavailable for training, events and competitions.

• Take due care of club equipment and facilities.

• Know that it is acceptable to talk to our staff/coaches with any concerns or questions they may have.

• Adhere to acceptable standards of behaviour and their club’s Code of Discipline.

• Tell somebody else if they, or others, have been harmed in any way.

• Maintain a satisfactory level of grades/work ethic in school/college/university or at work that your parents/guardians set, and that training suspensions or plans may be put in place or amended until grade standards/effort improves.

• Complete and return the relevant paperwork required for participation in the club (if over 18).

• Inform coaches and staff of any changes in their medical or dietary requirements prior to training sessions, events or competitions.

• Ensure they punctually attend sessions, events and competitions. Failure to do so may result in missed gradings or opportunities.

• Ensure they have adequate clothing and training equipment that is required for the specific classes, events and competitions. For example; training uniforms, head gear, gloves, feet guards, club merchandise etc. Approved training gear and equipment can be bought at the club through one of our instructors.

• Ensure your hydration, nutrition and hygiene needs are met. Keep finger and toe nails short. Never train if you are unwell or injured.

Students should never...

• Cheat – always play/follow the rules.

• Shout or argue with an official, coach, team mate or opponents and never use

violence or explicit language.

• Use unfair or bullying tactics to gain advantage or isolate other students.

• Spread rumours.

• Tell lies about adults or others.

• Compete or train if they feel unwell or are injured.

• Use unacceptable language, racial references or derogatory terms.

Club Code of Conduct (Parents/Guardians):

Parents/guardians have an influential role to play in assisting and encouraging their children to fully participate in Martial Arts.

As with coaches and club staff, the parents/guardians of students under 18 years old, should act as role models for their children as they participate in Martial Arts.

Parents/guardians should encourage their child to...

• Always follow the rules.

• Improve their skill level.

• Appreciate everybody on their team, regardless of ability or experience.

  • Maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle with regard to exercise, food, rest and play - advice can be sought if necessary from our coaches on this issue.


Parents/guardians should lead by example...

• Adopt a positive attitude to their children’s participation in Martial Arts.

• Respect other coaches and official decisions and encourage children to do likewise.

• Do not exert undue pressure on your child.

• Never admonish your own child or any other child for their standard of


• Be realistic in their ability and expectations.

• Show approval for effort, not just results.

• Never embarrass a child or use sarcastic remarks towards any student.

• Applaud good play, effort and attitude from all participants.

• Do not criticise performances, instead identify constructively how improvements can be made.

• Do not seek to unfairly affect any student’s/participant’s performance.

• Do not enter the training/event/competition area unless specifically invited by an official or coach in charge.

• Do not call or distract student(s) whilst they are training. If you need to talk to your child, go through a coach.

• Do not use the gym/training facility for your own training unless you are a member.

• Do not use the gym/training facility to review techniques after class, please clear the training area and facility promptly to allow the next class to commence on time.

All parents/guardians should...

• Complete and return the relevant paperwork required for their child’s participation in the club.

• Inform coaches and staff of any changes in their child’s medical or dietary requirements prior to training sessions, events or competitions.

• Ensure that their child punctually attends sessions, events and competitions. Failure to do so may result in missed gradings or opportunities.

• Provide their child with adequate clothing and training equipment that is required for the specific classes, events and competitions. For example; training uniforms, head gear, gloves, feet guards, club merchandise etc. Approved training gear and equipment can be bought via our club and through one of our instructors.

• Ensure the hydration, nutrition and hygiene needs of their child are met. Keep finger and toe nails short. Never let your child train if they are unwell or injured.

• Listen to what their child may have to say.

• Show approval whether their child wins, loses or draws in a match.

• Never attempt to meet their own needs and aspirations for success and achievement through their children’s participation in Martial Arts.

Parents/guardians can assist the club by...

• Showing appreciation to volunteers, coaches, staff and officials.

• Attending events and competitions regularly.

• Assisting, when required, in organising club activities and events.

• Respecting the rights, dignity and worth of every person by treating each one equally regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnic origin, cultural background or religion.

Parents/guardians have the right to...

• Know their child is safe and to make a complaint if they believe that their child’s safety is in any way compromised.

• Be informed of problems or concerns relating to their child.

• Be informed if their child is injured.

• Complain if they have any concerns regarding the standard of coaching.

• Voice their opinion in relation to decisions being made by the club.

Student Disciplinary Procedure:

Students can greatly benefit from training in Martial Arts in terms of their personal development both physically and mentally. As part of their participation, our members are encouraged to realise that they also have a responsibility to treat others with fairness and respect and behave themselves when at the classes, events or competitions.

Below is our Disciplinary Procedures. These are the steps that our coaches/staff will take in order to maintain a safe and productive environment for all of our students. We will give any student who misbehaves or disrupts any of our classes plenty of opportunities to abide by our code of conduct before being asked to leave the training area of being dismissed from the class/event/competition.

Our Procedure:

1. Any student(s) misbehaving will firstly receive a verbal warning and it will be made clear that if they misbehave again, they will receive a time-out.

2. Student(s) that are misbehaving or disrupting the class for a second time will receive a time-out. Time-outs can be reduced or extended depending on whether the student(s) behaviour improves or not.

3. If said student(s) misbehaves or disrupts the class again, they will receive a second time-out and will be informed that if they continue to misbehave or disrupt the class that their session will end, and they will be asked to leave the class/event/competition. In our younger TKD classes (up to 9 years old), students who receive a second time-out within a session will not receive their stripe that day (or that week if behaviour does not improve).

4. Finally, if the student(s) persists with disruptive or bad behaviour, parents/guardians may be called in to chat with staff/coaches to discuss possible strategies or options to help prevent further disruption going forwards.

Serious/Persistent Misbehaviour Procedure:

Any student(s) persistently misbehaving or being disruptive will receive a suspension from the club for 1-4 weeks, depending on the severity of the situation. The student(s) parents/guardian will be contacted and asked to come in to chat with our staff/coaches to discuss the reasons for suspension and to answer any questions they may have.

In an extreme case, the club has the right to revoke the membership and expel the student(s) from the club completely.

Our club feels that having these procedures in place, it will benefit all of our students. It also makes it clear from day one to our students and their parents/guardians what our procedure is and the measures that we will take to ensure our club is a safe and productive environment for all.

Membership Plan:

BMA provides a very competitive membership plan that has been developed to meet the needs of all of our members, in terms of class attendance and payment options. BMA is affiliated with ITF Scotland, International Taekwon-Do Federation of Scotland and WAKO GB, World Association Kickboxing Organisation Great Britain. These organisations provide BMA and its students access to competitions, seminars, black belt gradings, training, national development squads and insurance.

Gym Memberships:

Gym Memberships allow the use of the fitness gym between 5pm-8:30pm Monday - Thursday.
This costs - £15 per month (or £4 per use)

To make use of our gym package (monthly and/or pay-per-use) you require:
Permission from your doctor to participate in physical activity.
A gym induction by a qualified level 2 gym instructor.

You agree that:
Any misconduct or a lack of respect for equipment will result in immediate membership cancellation, with no refund of membership payment.
You are liable for any damages caused and accept you will have to pay all charges and repair/replacement costs of equipment etc.

Please note: We limit our memberships, as to not overcrowd our gym. We reserve the right to refuse a gym membership sign-up based on this reason alone.


Membership Options:

Single class package - 1 Class per week = £30 per month.
Standard Package - 2 Classes per week = £45 per month.
Premium Package – Unlimited Classes per week (within age group)  = £55 per month.

We reserve the right to host invite only classes - and only those who are invited will be eligible to attend.

*All students who are 9+ years old and Green Belt grade (intermediate level) or above should be participating in at least 2 classes per week in order to see continued progression with their training. *


Family discounts:

Discounts are only available for immediate family members*

A 10% family discount is available for all families who have x2 students as members of the club.
A 20% family discount is available for all families who have x3 students as members of the club.

All membership fees are paid by Direct Debit (information on sign-up is available from any of our Instructors).

There is a minimum cancellation notice period of 1 month (30 days) otherwise your membership will not be terminated and will continue to run.

Missed payments may result in the refusal to attend classes and may result in the cancellation of your membership. We will try to provide time to pay (max 2 weeks) unless this is not the 1st time in missing payments.

If following cancellation, you wish to reinstate your membership, you may be required to pay the club joining fee again.

Any missed payments may result in additional charges from the Direct Debit company/your bank.

All BMA members will benefit from:

• Annual Member-To-Member Insurance.

• Registered to an ITF Scotland/WAKO GB affiliated club.

• Capacity to maintain and develop a regular training schedule.

• Entitlement to regular club gradings - when the student is ready.

• Opportunity to participate in special training when available (i.e. Sparring Classes, Squad Training Classes, Technical Training or Black Belt Training etc.).

• Access to seminars, competitions and other club events.

New Member Joining Fee:

The club is currently open to new members. All new members are required to pay an initial joining fee. The new member joining fee provides the student with BMA membership, affiliation with an ITF Scotland/WAKO GB recognised club, personal member-to-member insurance.


Joining fee = £30 – payable at the time of registration. (This covers your licence fee and this will be due for renewal at the start of the month you joined the following year.)

It is essential that students pay their fees on time. Failure to pay fees may result in refusal to attend classes.



Students may only attend classes that fit their grade and age group, unless their Instructor has directed otherwise following a progress assessment.
It is the student’s responsibility to attend the correct class times. It is also the student’s responsibility to attend the correct number of classes within the requirements of their grade and membership type.

Classes will run for 48 weeks of the year. There will be a 1 -week break during the school summer holiday period as well as a 1-week break during the October Holidays and a 2-week break over the Christmas and New Year period too – please note that membership fees are not reduced and are still payable over the holiday periods.

The club may be closed for bank holidays, gradings, competitions, holiday camps, if the training venues are not available or for any other events that require an Instructor’s attendance.
Closure for these events will not be cause for reductions in the membership fees. In the event of closure, the club will try to allow members to make-up lessons whenever possible.

Member only club:

BMA is a member only club, however, the club may allow one-off attendance for other fully-licensed students out with the club. Non-members will be charged the single class rate attendance fee of £5, unless otherwise advertised. Single payments exclude access to membership benefits.

Club grading's:

BMA will hold regular gradings, dates for these will be provided in advance through our newsletters, or through handouts at classes. Students must participate in a grading if they wish to achieve their next rank. All gradings will be conducted by a qualified examiner. Grading participation incurs additional fees out with the BMA Membership Plan (£25 per student).

Grading invitations are at the discretion of our instructors, not students or parents. Although we would encourage that if you think you’re ready to grade to speak to an instructor.





Queries and Complaints Procedure:

Braveheart Martial Arts operates a strict query and complaints procedure to ensure that these are dealt with professionally and in a timely manner. When classes are running, Instructors and staff do not always have the time to handle queries or complaints on an individual basis - as this takes them away from teaching and the operation of the classes.

Should members have any queries or official complaints, please email and this will be dealt with within 7 working days.

Equipment Orders:

During different stages of their training, students will be required to purchase the proper training equipment to ensure their safety and the safety of others in the classes. There is also an opportunity to purchase official Braveheart Martial Arts merchandise.

For all Braveheart merchandise or training uniforms, please see one of our instructors at classes.


For all sparring equipment please contact one of our instructors to place an order, as this insures the correct equipment is ordered, as we have strict safety requirements and some equipment may not be allowed.

All orders require payment upfront in order to secure the purchase.


By completing our online registration process, you are confirming that you have read and agree to Braveheart Martial Arts Terms & Conditions stated in this document and that you understand the penalties and consequences should procedures or terms and conditions be broken or un-adhered to.



We would like to thank you for your support and cooperation with our club and for agreeing to our Terms & conditions.


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